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Everyone is talking about Automation & Data Intelligence, from international governments, company boardrooms, and the general public. As with any industry growth the demand for experienced hires massively outweighs the actively seeking talent in the market and creates the need for strategic partnerships with experienced headhunters.

We work with a range of businesses, from start-ups to large international corporates, vendors, integrators, managed service providers as well as specialist business units of multinational companies.

The specialist areas we cover are:

It must be said: TaylorCurcio surely is a different kind of recruitment company!Jerome Kuehnert
Secunet Security Networks (Amsterdam)


  • Senior Pre-Sales and Technical Lead for Europe, Mobile Security Solutions, Netherlands.
    A newly created role for a growing security specialist. Our client had approached the market directly but hadn’t secured the relevant candidate response, so asked us to run a targeted search to ensure that all competencies were covered, and every possible option was identified, especially ones not actively looking for a new role.
  • Senior Developer (Big Data, Machine Learning and Database), Cyber Security Company, Germany
    With a sector leading team of expert developers already in the company, it can be difficult to find the same level of quality when growing. We were asked to find the newest member of their team. We constructed a concise market map and discreetly approached technical experts both in and outside of the security domain to find a solution.
  • Regional Sales Director -DACH,
    IAM Company, Germany

    A confidential assignment for a proposed restructure of the sales team in Germany resulted in the need for a Sales Leader to join the business. As with any such position, it was key to search the whole market to find the absolute best fit, whilst controlling the market knowledge of the role.
  • Head of Services/Deputy to CEO, Managed Security Service Provider, Switzerland.
    This C level position was responsible for the highest revenue stream in the group, whilst having responsibilities across the whole business. This search had extreme time pressures, as it required the hire onboard with enough time to have an overlap with the previous person.
  • Chief Technology Officer,
    IT Security Start-up, Germany

    Following an unexpected departure of their CTO, this fast growing start-up came under extreme time pressures to find a suitable replacement, and avoid a negative market impact and keeping investors happy. We worked around the clock to map out the entire market, with particular attention to protecting the clients identity with every approach.
  • Software Solutions Architect
    Cyber Security Company, Austria

    With a hugely successful development team already in place and a full pipeline of next generation products on the horizon, our client needed an industry expert Architect for their next phase. The main challenge here was finding the right mix of existing knowledge and Architectural knowhow, to meet the requirements in an extremely niche area.
  • Team of Senior Backend Developers, Antivirus Company, UK
    With the conception of a new project focussing on web intelligence, and pressure from investors to expand the portfolio in this direction, our client needed multiple hires. It was paramount to offer a range of relevant profiles, so the hires would complement each other, whilst we were also careful to manage the entire process to minimise the impact on the team.
  • Lead Software Developer, IAM and eCard developer, United Arab Emirates
    With development teams across 3 continents, the group needed a natural leader to pragmatically select design patterns and define coding guidelines for each unit, whilst having the management skills to get the best out of each culturally different team. To guarantee we found the best person, we completed a world-wide search and interviewed individuals across all 3 continents.
  • International Business Development Director, ERP Security, Germany
    This was a newly created position, to take control for the future business growth with Enterprise clients Internationally. Developing the go to market strategy and deliver on a pipeline of sales and continued revenue growth.
  • CEO, Cyber Product Launch, Belgium
    A pre-launch strategic hire for this group. Requiring a strong sales background and experience of new product launches on an international scale, whilst keeping the project under the radar of the general public.


Alex Curcio

Managing Director Automation & Data Intelligence & Tax & Trade Compliance Alex combines his experience as an International Tax professional for Ernst & Young in London, with in-depth knowledge of many years in the Tax Recruitment market. Although a UK citizen for many years, Alex lived much of his childhood in Uruguay. He now lives in Brighton with his wife and three children, and can still be found trying to be creative on a football pitch somewhere in Sussex. Mobile: +44 (0)7815 055941